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Australia 420 Shop is a Cannabis Shop online, providing the best quality Cannabis, Hemp and CBD Oil. Weed in Sydney. Our products are sourced from local suppliers, who are licensed distributors and tested by our inhouse labs. We also stock unique smoking accessories such as grinders, papers and vaporizers.

Weed Sydney
Weed Sydney

The Australian 420 Shop is the complete online destination for your cannabis paraphernalia. We are a locally owned and operated establishment and as such, we offer the best in service with an extremely friendly staff.

Weed in Sydney

Our mission at Australia420Shop is to help you access the most popular weed strains and legal weed brands, as well as a variety of cannabis products and edibles at the best prices.

Here at 420Shop, we understand that synthetic products, like those found in many other shops, simply won’t do. We only sell real cannabis products and our experienced and friendly staff are there to help you choose the best one for you.

Cannabis Shop Australia (Australia 420 Shop) is a 100% legal, reliable and professional online store that ensures the best quality smoking products. Get your favourite Marijuana strain delivered to your door steps within minutes. Order from our store and we guarantee that you will get the best service ever!

Bought weed in Sydney, but can’t find a dispensary to order from?, Australia 420 Shop is a cannabis products supplier located in Australia. We stock high quality CBD products and other well-known brands, so you can rest assured your purchase will be safe, healthy and of premium quality.

We sell a wide range of weed, cannabis and synthetic compounds. We guarantee the product we are selling is top quality and if you have any questions about our products please feel free to contact us.

The self check outs are always open and near empty when the lines are long at night and morning periods is good


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